Marc Jacobs limited edition original stella

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  1. I decided I want this bag for summer, the only problem is there are none on ebay. The bag I am referring to is the original stella bag (with buckle pockets) that was reintroducted I think a couple of years ago? I would LOVE this bag in white. What other websites can I check besides ebay??
  2. I see this on Ebay every once in a while. Keep looking and I bet one will come up again! :smile:
  3. There was just one up! lemme see if i can find it... sometimes they are not listed "properly"
  4. They do come up from time to time. I got lucky and got a white one from a great TPF member not too long ago. Keep checking! I'm not sure if we're allowed to post recommendations of other sites, but Ann's Fabulous Finds sometimes has some older styles in stock. (Sometimes I see things xxxx'd out.) Good luck!:smile:
  5. Iluvmybags posted this on the Ebay Deals thread. I think this is good to go :tup: (post #3808)
  6. I LOVE this style in Stella --- Some day I will find for me ...........
  7. that's an original, 1st season Sophia -- not a re-issued Stella -- the Stella is the larger bag and the re-issued ones had the Ltd Ed nameplate inside w/MJs signature. The leather is not as soft on the reissued ones -- I remember when these were in the stores. I was so excited until I felt the leather -- it's way stiffer than the original stellas and sophias, which are super buttery soft.
  8. isnt that one a sophia?
  9. crap! this is the 2nd time within days that i've mixed up bags! :smash: sorry for the confusion. but i do remember seeing that Ltd Ed nameplate just recently. Thanks for listing the differences, iluvmybags!
  10. I think the OP was looking for this in the white. But, Coach you are a sweetheart for looking immediately. Such a lovely gal you are.:flowers: