Marc Jacobs Large Ursula - what do you think?

  1. I found this on sale at Net-A-Porter, and I think it's pretty. Unfortunatley I haven't seen the bag in real life.
    Anyone has an opinion? I'd appriciate some help from all you bag ladies out there:flowers:

  2. Personally I don't like this bag. I think the handles are to broad, and I don't like the colour either. How about the Brigitte (smaller, but is also on sale at Net-A-Porter)

    But...If you really love it, you should get it!!
  3. Hi there,

    I have a friend who has that exact bag in the lobster color. She loves the bag itself, but hates the handles. They're over two inches wide, and just, as she puts it, "clumsy" and really thick.

    Her solution? She got her local shoemaker to sew each handle in half, so at least where she carries it, she's only having to grasp an inch instead of struggling to fold over the wide straps which go in all directions and get scrunched up.

    I think that color is "cashew" or something. The purse holds a lot, and maintains its shape.

    I have the hobo, which I love, but it does "bend" where the diagonal pocket corner is. In other words, the hobo looks structured, but kinda collapses when you put it over your shoulder.

    Sorry to ramble. The quilting is gorgeous...we love MJ!

  4. I'm not too fond of this bag... i think the handles are a bit wide.
  5. I never liked this bag in pictures, but a couple weeks ago I went to Neiman Marcus and they had them everywhere. I fell in love when I saw them in person. I don't mind the width of the straps, since I tend to carry bags like this on my arm, not in my hand, and wide straps are much more comfortable than narrow ones on the arm. I was worried it would be too big, especially after seeing this picture of Selma Blair carrying one:
    I was so smitten with it in person that I went and found one on eBay from a reputable seller and after 6 long days of consideration, put in a bid at the last minute and won. It should be at my house very soon, I'm pretty excited.
    If you have the opportunity to see one in person, I insist that you do. Pictures don't portray this bag very accurately, IMHO. You might end up really disliking or really loving it once you get to see it IRL, which is something you should know before you plunk down the money for it. :flowers:
  6. I don't like it . It looks like an old lady bag , sorry !
  7. I think it's really cute but I don't like the color.
  8. Love the style, hate the color--I would go for the black patent one--very sharp for fall
  9. Bowler is nice, however, Large is a pretty big bag (in terms of thickness). The color of the NAP Bowler is Bronze, it looks much better in real life. This combinations quite popular among members in MJ forum.
  10. It's a beautiful color but the bag is difficult to carry.
  11. i really like this bag. i was thinking of getting one actually but got the elise instead. saw it IRL and i love the black patent. not too fond of the color above. i say go for the small because the large is way way too big. i think its good for everyday bag.
  12. Thanx everyone!
    I really wish I could see the bag IRL, but in Norway, where I live, the supply of MJ Bags is very limited:sad:
    I guess I either have to take a chance or just let it go. Well, I tihink I'll think about it for a while...
  13. The mj quilted bags are beautiful in its own way....what makes it nice is the patent quilt plus mj's vibrant colors. The thick handles do not bother me at all....its thickness allow the bag to grip and stay easily on my elbows or hands. this bag isnt really meant to be shoulder carried though ladies w/thin arms can.

    Alot of ladies at the MJ forum (even the taller ones) do agree that the large is huge. As for me being on the petite, ITA. The reason for this is that the bottom base of the bag is so wide and that this bag is structured (not a sloucy hobo style). FYI: small bowler measurements are about 12 by 8 by 5 inches. i tried on the large bowler and it looked like carrying carry-on luggage.

    hope this helps....if you decide to get it, pls post pics at mj forum. i like seeing people's mj's. :biggrin:
  14. I like it...but not in that color.
  15. hey!! i love this bag but im not really sure if the ones theyre selling on ebay is authentic or not really how would you know the real marc jacobs patent bowler bag?? what r the differences?? is it safe to buy from a person from UK not sure?? please i need some help to decide if i should buy one from ebay thanks =) :shrugs: