Marc Jacobs Karolina?

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  1. Hello,
    I suppose I ought to introduce myself properly somewhere on this forum - I found it last week and am now obsessed with designer bags!! Saw a second hand Marc Jacobs large Karolina bag and fell in love - my question is, are they worth the money? I like a bag that, with a little maintenance will keep it's looks and last me a lifetime if I want it to. I LOVE The Bridge leather bags for this reason. Thanks in advance
  2. MJ bags are such high quality leather. It's really a personal decision whether you think the price you found it at is worth the money, but pretty much all the members here will tell you they are ;) did you find a good deal?

    Is this the bag? I googled it and it is showing up on the NM site at $600 but not in stock.
  3. Hello! Thanks for replying to my post. Yes, that's the exact same bag, same color, too. It is for sale at Ann's Fabulous Finds for a mere $950:sad: ... I was assuming that this bag originally retailed for well over $1,000 but obviously not. Perhaps it's hard to find, or something. It is beautiful, but if it is $350 over the original retail price, I guess I'll skip on it. Thanks though:smile:
  4. Yikes, sorry to confuse you! The price I referenced from NM was the sale price. Here is the link. Orig $1200, so at Ann's it's actually $300 BELOW retail! :tup:

  5. Thanks! I bought a Chloe bag from ebay last week (it's authentic:tup:) so I shouldn't be looking at anymore bags. It's somewhat addictive. During the last month or so, I've purchased (from ebay, all authentic) four Coach purses, two Gucci's and an Isabella Fiore. Got some AMAZING deals, but, enough is enough, I need to STOP!!!:nuts:
  6. I have this bag in Electric Blue -- it was originally $1200. I paid $850 for it on ebay, and that color never made it to markdowns (that's how popular that style/size/color was!!) -- you see tons of small karolinas on ebay, but I rarely ever see a large one -- most of the colors listed are pink and/or ivory -- rarely do you ever find a brown or blue --

    As for the bag, I LOVE IT! It is a rather large bag, but it carries beautifully - with the drawsting top, you can sinch the bag and make it a little smaller -- the leather is heavenly and will most definitely improve with age. I highly recommend this bag -- everything about it is perfect (IMO!) - from the double pockets on the front that buckle, to the soft suede lining, to the side comfortable shoulder strap (which is also adjustable) -- I say GO FOR IT!
  7. I have it, also in EB and honestly it's just not a practical bag for me. I live in NYC and any bag that doesn't zip closed is a problem on public transportation. The leather is fab and I love it, don't think I'll ever sell it, but I don't use it much.
    If you don't have to brave nyc, I say go for it! You will be happy that you did!!
  8. I'm in Chicago, which has the same type of "problems" you're describing in NY, but I was never worried about carrying it - for one, the drawstring can be pulled pretty tight keeping the bag closed and (2) the bag is so deep (esp the large one) there's no way someone's getting inside there while the bag's on your shoulder (I guess if it was left unattended, but wouldn't that be true with nay bag -- zipper or no zipper?) -- you'd have to be pretty preoccupied not to notice someone trying to reach inside -- and even then, it wouldn't be that easy to get into. In fact, I almost always leave all my bags open -- even the ones that have zippers.