marc jacobs jane bag or botkier bianca

  1. Have a MJ Jane shoulder bag that I have never used (with tags on), and I am thinking of selling it on eBay to get a Botkier Bianca. Do you guys have any opionion as to which one is nicer?
  2. Personally, I like the Botkier Bianca style a lot. If you haven't taken the tags off the Jane, then my guess is that you're not in love with it. Sell it and get the Bianca.
  3. ^^I agree with thithi. I don't find the Jane bag all that attractive. I didn't know what the Bianca bag looked like so I looked it up on eBay and it's really cute!
  4. The leather on the Bianca is soooo soft!!!
    Even though I love MJ, bianca is a must have.. =)