Marc Jacobs Ines Bag

  1. Please let me know if anyone has seen this bag on sale recently. Thanks.
  2. I couldve sworn i saw the Ines on sale online. You might want to check out the links at the top of the tPF website...
  3. ^^ Yes!! thats where I saw it! :yes:
  4. Thanks for the post. I just bought the Kid in black, so I was just hoping to get the Ines at a lower sale price. I know Saks had it on sale, but they are all gone. I don't need it that bad!
  5. Peggy at NM in San Francisco was able to locate a Peanut Ines for me at their MN store. I got it today!! Thank you to whoever posted her name/# under the sale section. The bag was $627 (originally $1395).
  6. That's so funny because the other week when I was calling around for a Chocolate Camila (and got the Chestnut :cursing:) I asked the SA to look for a Peanut Ines and they said there were none. :confused1: congrats to you!!
  7. I called around myself over a wk ago. I even called the MN store where she located it & they said they didn't have it. I don't think every sa is knowledgeable on MJs. I called the San Diego store and they had one, but there was a customer w/it in her hands when I called. She ended up buying it. Some of the TPFers told me they had one at The Purse Store. It was still over $900. I talked to the owner about the sales at NM and Norstroms, but she said she couldn't lower the price. Sometimes there are returns, etc... I will keep my eyes & ears open if I hear of another one.
  8. ^ that's a fantastic price, but taxes are a buzzkill. it comes out to around $630 or so. i wonder if it's a return? i hope a member here gets it!
  9. was the ines released in any other colors for this spring?
  10. they released it for resort in indigo, blush, cherrytart, coconut, and i think pale grey
  11. Doesn't the blush look like the peanut?