Marc Jacobs in rehab

  1. After his fashion show in Paris earlier this month, Marc Jacobs flew to Arizona and admitted himself to an addiction treatment facility. The designer had previously checked into rehab in the late '90s.
    Jacobs' business partner, Robert Duffy, says, "Marc made the right decision. He'd been sober for seven years. When he relapsed, he wanted to deal with it right away. According to the experts, such a relapse isn't uncommon. Thankfully, Marc recognized the problem himself and chose to deal with it. Obviously, our prayers are with him."
  2. I hope that everything works out for him.
  3. Read it too... so sad.
  4. Wow, he's been looking so great in some recent photos. That's too bad.
  5. Glad he's getting help:heart:
  6. Yeah, I'm glad he's getting help too. It's really a hard thing to do.. it sounds like he's making sure he doesn't get sick.
  7. I agree. :yes:
  8. Unfortunately no the old days designers just dealt with their addictions and problems...thank God the modern designer has a rehab alternative. MJ has suffered over the years and I am sure Mr. Dufffy will watch him closely. Wishing him all the best.
  9. I hope all goes well for him. I think it's good that he could take responsibility for his actions and get help early.
  10. I just want to give him a hug!:sad: I'm happy he recognized he needed help. Best wishes to him!!
  11. I Hope he's Ok too..Good for him for stepping up and recognizing that he needs help and embraces it...He has so much talent...Thank God he's trying not to waste it..Kudos to him!!
  12. I'm so upset. I wish him the best!
  13. I'm glad that he's getting help. I hope the recovery goes well for him.