Marc Jacobs Hudson

  1. To all those fortunate enough to own a Hudson:

    I have 3 questions:

    1) Even though it is a BEAUTIFUL bag, do any of you feel that the "open" center section is a pain and/or less than useful? (in other words, do you wish it was closed)?

    2) Is the bag on the heavier side to comfortably carry it around all day?

    3) There is really a difference in the lining between the ones bought at the MJ store and department stores? Does the canvas get pretty dirty?

    Thanks for your input.
  2. I have it in Chili..and I love it..I prefer the leather lining..its so pretty IRL and I dont find it too heavy..its a GREAT BAG
  3. i have yet to see one IRL.
  4. Personally, I was a bit disappointed by the Hudson when I saw it in person. I think I just didn't like the linen lining in two sections and the leather in the other. Plus since I have a Blake, the bags have some similarities. And I didn't like the "open" center of the Hudson--the Blake has a magnetic snap.

    The MJ stores' Hudsons are lined all in leather is my understanding.
  5. I think its a pretty heavy bag when there isn't anything even in it, and the handles on the bag are rolled which could be uncomfortable