Marc Jacobs Hudson on eLux!!! Hurry!!!!

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  1. I love it too, but it's not Hudson, it's the zip bowler. Thanks for posting. Hope someone gets it!
  2. very cool bag! a bit over my budget but thanks for the link!
  3. gone...
  4. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: Hope it went to a PFer :supacool:
  5. Are the Hudsons now out of stock and in demand???
  6. Thanks girlycharlie! My order is pending. I have thought about this bag for a while.I have the hudson in dark brown and love it to pieces.The sale price helped justify the purchase.:yahoo::yahoo::flowers:
  7. :cursing::cursing: I have no luck with this bag!!!! Thanks for the post;)
  8. It's gone!
  9. LUCKY GIRL:wlae:It is simply TDF :drool: and please post pics when you get it so I can drool some more :yes: BTW, the Balenciaga Truffle GH Brief has not shipped, hope there's no problem, especially since I've sold my Truffle Work...
  10. I will post pics for sure.I would not worry yet about the Brief.Unless you chose overnight it takes a day or two to ship. Let me know how you like it.It really is a beautiful bag. The leather has great character.
  11. darn, gone.