marc jacobs hudson colors-need advice


which hudson color would you choose?

  1. black with dark brown stripe

  2. military (dark brown) with burgundy stripe

  3. chestnut with black stripe

  4. chili with beige stripe

  5. black with black stripe

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  1. What color combo would you get in the striped Hudson? There are 5 different options...unfortunately they are going for full retail at the MJ store in my area...but I just LOVE this bag to pieces!!! sorry, I don't have pics in each available color. Hoping you could help me to decide. Thanks!
  2. I went with the Black/Brown combo because it works for the business and party hours...And hard to go wrong with those colors! :yes:
  3. I think the military color is gorgeous! And since dept stores didn't get it, it's extra special. Love this color combo.
  4. found some colors for comparison! sorry everyone...I know I'm about 2 years late for this bag...but I still want one! :drool:
    chestnut w/black
    black with dark brown
    chili with beige
  5. Another vote for the military/rubino Hudson. It's gorgeous!!
  6. I love this bag! Didn't one of us get this bag from Nordstrom Rack for like $400 a couple of months ago? LOL...I think she got the Chili color which looked so nice!!

    Is chili the color that is like a deep brownish/red? Is the military color a green color?
  7. Haha that was me. :p I love my Chili because it is such a versatile color but I still prefer the military for its uniqueness.

  8. Heehehe...I thought so - my memory is going for sure lately!
  9. I like the chestnut, but think I'm in the minority on that one. I have the stripping bowler in chestnut and the smaller zip bowler in the black/brown combo from the striping like. They go with everything. Good luck.
  10. i love the chestnut/black combo. i have a chestnut bag myself from the striping line and i love how versatile it is, but i really love the chili too. it's such a rich and unique color and aside from the chestnut, the best color combo imo. i'm a huge fan of the striping line! one of marc's best.
  11. must i even say which combo i like best? hah kim knows!
  12. I know your answer too tuffcookie. I've been :drool: over yours for months now!
    however, the thing with the chili and chestnut colors is that it's been found on sale and on eBay many times! I am kicking myself for not being able to find one on sale anywhere. anyone have any leads to finding this bag??? someone recently mentioned I just dreaming? I love it so much, but would really really love it with a good discount! thanks for everyone's input so far...much appreciated!
  13. I have these exact 3. I use the first one the most.

    Be warned: HEEEEEAVY. But gorgeous! :yes:
  14. I personally love the military or the chili. Does anyone know if the bowlers are still available. I think the Hudson might be too heavy for me, but I really like the striping line.
  15. The Hudson is one bag I hope to still own someday. It's such a hot bag! I love all of the color choices but I voted for the black w/ brown stripe. :love::love: