Marc Jacobs Hot New Look!

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  1. WOW!!!

  2. the change is huge! but i like the old marc more... :p
  3. Nice!!
  4. He looks suave! But there's a part of me that still likes the old Marc too! :yes:
  5. He's adorable either way! It's such a big change.
  6. I suspect that his makeover is a result of post-breakup.
  7. LOL! I read that his ex is now a salon receptionist. I hope Marc finds somebody good now.
  8. LOL! I know! Not to mention he has that huge marc jacobs tattoo on his arm.
  9. LOL Yeah. His ex's name is Jason Preston and here is his tat:

  10. why would u break up if ur bf is marc jacobs??
  11. He looks HOT!
  12. I like the old Marc but the new Marc made me do a few double takes LOVE IT ..too cute I love him both ways

    yeah who would break up with MJ
  13. I think Marc probably broke up w/him. The ex has a bad reputation for being a gigalo and star f***er...
  14. he sure looks like a hottie now :biggrin:
  15. He looks good.