Marc Jacobs hobo stam--Black or Cashew??

  1. CASHEW....or...BLACK??? Love both. Think maybe the black is too
    trendy and like the cashew because different and still goes with
    everything (at least I think so). I wear a lot of black and tan generally.

    Larger & More Views [​IMG]
    [​IMG] throw you you guys like this bag better?

  2. LOL--black is too trendy! Only on tPF will I read something like that.

    You have great taste. All 3 are super. Personally I'd get the black. That color MJ calls "mouse" is good, don't know if it's just in the regular Stam or not. The bottom one is the "east-west"? Or I might be mixing up my bags. I prefer the hobo just because it looks a bit smaller and the MJ's can be heavy.

    They're all winners.
  3. What I really love about the cashew color is the contrast stitching that really accents the quilting. (On the black and mouse, the stitching is the same color as the leather.) Style-wise I prefer the hobo because it's bigger, easier to carry (over the shoulder), and lighter (no frame).
  4. I love it in black.
  5. I have the black hobo, and I really love it. The cashew is beautiful too. The hobos are lighter than the frame stam bags. I would go with the hobo.
  6. According to several sources, both Stam Hobo and E/W Stam won't be continued. Only Stam and Little Stam will come back.
  7. Aw, that's too bad! I was getting use to those bags, esp the E/W Stam.
  8. :yahoo: CASHEW!:yahoo:

    But I'm slightly biased. ​
  9. ^ I read the first question and was Cashew all the way. And seeing your fantastic picture.... WOW... gorgeous!! :nuts: I wonder what other styles come in the quilted cashew? Major :drool:
  10. I would go for black. I think that you could wear that a lot. As for style, I think the hobo is nice if you have a lot of stuff to carry around, but if not, I would be going for the e/w which is a smaller style, but can still carry quite a bit.
  11. I personally think the E/W is GORGEOUS!!!!!
  12. me too!
  13. I love the cashew color! Now you have me wanting that bag.