Marc Jacobs Hatbox

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  1. Anyone else love them as much as I do?

    I'm talking about the white cardboard hatboxes, very thick cardboard, with black Marc Jacobs lettering on top and black satin handles. Some of them come with fake red roses for gifting.

    So beautiful! I got a huge one today! :yahoo:
  2. I love the hatbox, it's so cute! =)

    Sonya, what did you get? =)
  3. ooh, i was in the new york store a couple of weeks ago and swooned when i saw the hatbox. sadly, i was only getting gloves wrapped so i couldn't get the box.
  4. sadly, I've never had one! purchased from boutique just once on sale and I guess sale price is not worthy:crybaby:
  5. you can always ask for a box. i bought a watch around xmas and asked for the large hatbox:shame:
  6. I love 'em too! They take up a lot of room in my closet, but they're great for storage!
  7. Hmm... so what did you buy to get that hatbox?? :p