Marc Jacobs Handbags

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  1. Hello, I bought a Marc Jacobs, and I was reading on this forum. And I found that the originals Marc Jacobs has the zipperhead round. And my puse has pointed. But is a Calf leather. And has RIRI M8 :heart: Somebody can help me with this. Thank you so much!!!
  2. Just because your bag is calf leather and the zippers are marked riri doesn't mean it's authentic - you should probably post this in the Marc Jacobs Authentication thread - do you have pics?
  4. Yes, I do.
    But I dont know how can I attached the photos.
  5. I want to show the pictures of my purses. Because I want to know if are fake or not.
    Do you want to help me?::nuts:
  6. I just looked at it again - - the padlocks, hardware and zipper pulls are all silver, but the zipperhead, nameplate & inside zipper are all brushed gold - I've NEVER seen that before

    Definitely avoid this bag at all costs.
  7. ^Yeah, thats definitely interesting (in a very bad way!)
  8. The nameplate is silver. The photo show gold but is silver. I paid 250.00 dollars for this bag
  9. Hmm, doesn't seem real.
  10. I am sorry, but your bag is not real. The zipperhead is NEVER pointed like that; it is always rounded if it is the Riri zipper. MJ also uses Lampo zippers on some of their bags, but not the Blake. The Blake always has the RIRI zippers. Also, the hardware on the Blake is always shiny; never brushed. Until a couple of years ago, the hardware on the Blake was always shiny silver nickel, and now the new ones are shiny gold. And, of course, the hardware is never mixed on any one bag (ie: silver AND brushed gold on the same bag).
    Sorry about your bag.
    Where did you purchase it? If it was eBay, you should file a SNAD and get your money back.
    Good luck....
  11. Cooper1 is correct, and gave some really good advice. Sorry about your bag!