Marc Jacobs Gladiator Sandals

  1. Does anyone own these?
    I'm considering getting them but would really like to try them on or at least see them on someone but I haven't had any luck finding them except on the internet. I would be getting them in black. If you have these, are they comfortable? I'm looking for an everyday-type sandal for the summer instead of flip-flop. thanks :smile:
  2. i've been kinda curious about these too, wondering how they'd look on........i'm thinking they could either be really cute or a total disaster.....but i do love the fact that even the buckle is made out of rubber, so these shoes are 100% bendy :biggrin:

  3. ^ I'm thinking disaster? hehe sorry, they remind me of jelly shoes.
  4. those ARE jelly shoes... too trendy for me.
  5. I love marc jacobs, but my feet often sweat up a storm- so I'm staying away from those. I need leather shoes. :smile:
  6. :oh: I like the idea but not sure about all the rubber. Looks like a sweaty shoe.
  7. Not loving them either. :sad:
  8. I don't like them either. They remind me of shoes I had when I was a kid and I also remember getting really bad blisters from the rubber =(

    I like the jelly swiss-cheese flats from MbyMJ better
  9. wow, I saw a ton of these at the DSW store in downtown san francisco. Although I love MARC shoes, I didnt even bother to try these are as they were a bit 'much'

    I think they were going for 90 something dollars. hmm. not worth my benjamin if you asked me.
  10. Did you see any black ones in a size 6-7?
  11. they look like those shoes you have to put on at the seaside not to hurt your feet!
    i love marc jacobs but i don't love them so much!sorry
  12. i LOVE jelly sandals. but i am not a fan of these.
  13. Jelly sandals always give me blisters since I guess my feet are sweaty.
    Marc's original jellies look so much better IMO.
  14. how about these ones?

  15. I know this is really old... I found the thread via Google...
    But does anyone own these?

    I found a pair in gold - cheap second hand... think they have to be real, would they ever make these fake? don't think they were a big enough hit to copy...

    anyway... was wondering if anyone had a pic of them wearing them??

    thanks x