Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton .. or?


Aug 13, 2007
The left one is the Venetia bag and MJ actually made that first before the Manhattan GM came out. I'm not sure what the one on the right side is called, but it has 3 separate compartments ~ 2 zippered and one open in the middle.
Dec 30, 2008
Las Vegas
yep, that Marc Jacobs, not LV!
thats not what I asked.

needanotherbag: With MJ as a LV creative director, theres bound to be influences from both brands.

thats what you would think, but don't some designers have people design items for them so that this doesn't happen.

I know some people out there that will tear you appart by saying its a bad fake lv but in reality is Marc Jacobs.

I look up to MJ and Karl being that they are in charge of more than just 1 brand but sometimes I just don't think they should.


Dec 2, 2006
oh the blake!!

Love that bag, MJ as the creative director is one of the reasons why I buy his bags! I love LV bags, but his bags have his own flavor to it, plus its perfect for when I dont want to have a bag that screams LV..:heart:


Mar 2, 2006
I see no problem, im sure many women who bought mj's Venetia prior to the manhattan coming out may have eventually seen the bag in LV's mono later on and decided to go for it as well! could be a selling point! If his Venetia was a big seller for him, I am sure his idea of adding it to LV would be worth it!

keep in mind, when the manhattan gm came out, it was like $1600 so it could have been some how close in price to his version at one point in time


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Nov 1, 2007
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I don't see a problem either, especially if Marc Jacobs is fine with using his on creation for two brands. The bags still do differ a lot in their character.

I am a larger fan of MJ's own brand than I am of LV, though I love both. I agree that initially I feel a little irritated after seeing a lot of pushlocks on the new LV bags (e.g. Greta) as I usually correlate them to MJ.

But at last he is expressing himself in both brands. LV and MJ have little different customers, and thus he can even reach more of them. Isn't that what every designer wants?