Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton - Opinions...

  1. Hey I've been wondering about this for a long time and I guess here's the place to discuss it.

    I'm sure everyone is aware that Marc Jacobs is the designer for Louis Vuitton. So what do you think of this? Is this a blessing for the label or should Mr Jacobs stick to his own brand?

    Personally I'm a bit of both since Marc has contributed many terrific things for Louis Vuitton.

  2. I dunno, it's a love and hate relationship for me. I love the creations Marc had done for LV, yet I find it too similar to his own brand, especially the sunnies and the brass buckle of Manhattan....JMO
  3. i feel like followers of the MJ brand are getting cheated (or it could be the other way around since i'm not sure which comes first) since a lot of MJ styles are reminiscent of LV styles.
  4. I think he, as one of the best designers in the world has his place at the most famous fashion house and luggage maker in the world. ;) I hope he'll stay for a couple of years, at least untill they can find a good replacement.
  5. I´m a fan
  6. I don't like him, ok Suhali, Taiga and Nomade stuff are adorable, but the new stuff is not my cup of tea
  7. Taiga was introduced before MJ came. I have no clue when Suhali was introduced.
  8. oo, i dunno with MJ, i dont love all of his design in LV, and sometime i felt i prefer that design in his MJ line, but yes there are some design that he made for LV (like the dentelle or the pomme heart) that i :heart: ..... i dunno, sometimes i felt like MJ and LV is a total opposite, while LV is beauty and classic, MJ is hip and fun.
  9. I agree!
  10. I love Marc Jacobs.
  11. I dont want Marc to EVER leave LV. He is a genius!

    and I will always think that.

    I know he uses a lot of his OWN lines things and puts them into LV, like the buckles on the Manhattan, soooo what! the bag is amazing and everyone here wants one practically, heck I loved them SO much that I had to buy the Taiga Ivan just so I could have that look lol! At least he isn't copying other designers, I dont see anything wrong with him using the same ideas to go to his collection or LV's. It may benefit his collection as well, which he obviously can't slack on!
  12. I like a lot of things he does but I agree with the others that the MJ line is basically the same styles
  13. I think overall he's done nothing but positive things for LV, but I do think some of the bags are looking nearly identical from LV and his own line. His fall '07 rtw collections look similar as well. But I do like his work, just not as much as Karl's.
  14. He's a genius...I love his works even some pieces look unwearable
  15. love his designs! I also love his marc by marc jacobs collection!