Marc Jacobs First Season Bags

  1. I know I'm kicking it old school but does anyone have any information, especially photos of the bags from Marc's first few of handbag seasons? I am particularly interested in the non-pushlock variations reminiscent of the limited edition Sofia and Stella reissues from last year. I've heard of a bag called the Baby Devon that is from this era but I wanted to know if anyone had more knowledge as to those early handbags and the styles produced. The MJ website used to have a nice overview of the previous seasons bags but it appears they've edited down to only the last couple of seasons. :hrmm:

    That said, if anyone has any information and/or pictures of earlier MJ bags I'd love to see them.
  2. I had the baby devon..I sold it thru the OLD MP(SNIFF).I also have the NEW TOTE , its the Stella with the same cool hardware....great bags..phenomenol hardware.
  3. PS- Check out my bag showcase for pics..
  4. I had a first (or early seasons) season Marc Jacobs bag - Gym tote with locks on it. Sadly, I sold it, so I don't have pictures. For reference, it looks a lot like the red MJ bag that Scarlet Johannson uses in "Lost in Translation". I believe there were a couple listed on eBay over the last few days. Sorry couldn't be more helpful.
  5. for reference, you can also go to vogue1966's about me page on ebay. just go to the community page and type in "vogue1966." there, you can see pics of a lot of the older styles, plus information on how to spot real MJ from the fakes. fortunately, not a lot of MJ's older styles were counterfeited (thought they are a few).
  6. Oh thank you all! This information is very very useful :biggrin: I have a Stella reissue coming in the mail so I just wanted to see the other styles that inspired it/came before.
  7. [​IMG]
    upper right corner-NEW TOTE..AWESOME STYLE...
  8. Jill, I love that floral print bag. Who is it by?
  9. Here's a picture of my Fall 02 Stella:

  10. It s a Gucci,Last years....still havent worn it...poor Gucci..LOL!!!!!
  11. Ooh youngprof, I love your Fall 02 Stella it looks divine and makes me even more excited to get mine in the mail :biggrin: What is the leather like on the bag? It looks very supple and buttery.

    Thanks everyone for the pictures!
  12. The leather is lovely, really it is one of my favorite bags ever. I think you are going to really like your Stella, Luxx, if I'm remembering correctly, that buttery yellow color was a limited color that was only sold at Saks and it is beautiful.
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