Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 Alfred Bag

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  1. I saw this bag at Nordstrom's a few days ago and I've been thinking about getting it. I need some opinions on this though. Ladies, do you think this bag is too plain for $1300? I want it in black. It looks like a good everyday bag that fits my style. However, this is going to be the most I've spent on a bag. My last purchase was the Stam bag. Also, do you think it'll look weird if I carry the bag with the chain on my shoulder?


    Marc Jacobs - Leather Chain Strap Bag -

  2. Honestly, I love MJs, but for $1300 I would choose something else... Perhaps if it was cheaper I would go for it.
  3. I agree! It's nice but I don't love it :s
    I would definately get something else for that price
  4. It's cute, but the Stam is definitely more intricate than the Alfred. Isn't there a small version of the Alfred that's cheaper too?

    Soft Box bag at $995.

    It looks similar, minus the handles. You said that you'd be wearing it on your shoulder, right?
  5. I just want the option of wearing it on my shoulder when I go shopping. It's most likely I'd be carrying the bag on my arm

    Do you think this is a bag that's likely to go on sale? I can't stop thinking about it.
  6. ^ It might go on sale, but you never know. If you keep thinking about it and you absolutely love it, get it. I would make sure to purchase from a place with a good return policy in case you get it, and decide you hated it.
  7. Alfred & Plum Suede bag were the 2 most anticipated bags among members when pictures of Fall 06 styles came out. It wasn't love at first sight for me when I saw/held it up close. If possible, I would recommend checking/trying it out in person. If you love it, get it. =)
  8. I saw this bag at Nordstrom. I love the size but I hate the buckle on top. It got in the way when I tried to unzip the bag.
  9. If you lile it you should get it. The leather seems nice.
  10. I couldn't help myself ladies. I picked it up at the Marc Jacobs store today and I got it. It's very roomy and elegant though. The color is closer to the first picture rather than the second. They're actually both the same colors though.
  11. It is a gorgeous bag. I'm glad you got it. Enjoy!
  12. I'm sure you look FAB with Alfred, congrats! =)
    Great addition to Elise & Stam. =)
  13. Congratulations! I'm glad you made your decision. You have some great bags.
  14. Congratulations Archipelago!! I'm glad you gave into temptation!:lol:
  15. Congrats Archipelago!
    I'd love to see pics of you wearing it!