Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 Accessories (

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    Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 Accessories

    1. Gold metallic python small frame bag
    2. Chestnut leather satchel
    3. Leopard fur Kim bag
    4. Black Quilted fur Natasha bag
    5. mini mustard quilted cord Maggie bag
    6. State leather satchel
    7. Soft box Alfred bag

    I like #7
  2. :shame: Awwww, that Mini Mustard Maggie is cute:love:
  3. I love the Chestnut leather satchel and State leather satchel. So elegant but yet so modern. I can't wait to get one or both! :smile:
  4. i also love the chestnut leather satchel, but what's up with the leopard-printed kim bag????