Marc Jacobs Encounter

  1. Well this happened about a month and half ago, just happened to remember it. I work at a restaurant in SF and we were getting ready to leave. Then all of a sudden we were told a part of 15 or so are coming in 15 minutes before closing. I was wondering who was so special that would cause us to stay open, and it was Marc Jacobs and friends. Well all the girls were going pretty nuts and getting excited. Anyways to make the story short, a few of us got to meet him. He may design nice bags... but far from being a friendly/nice person from what little time I had with him. Yea, just a random story.

    I was considering getting one of my GF's bag signed by him, but didn't know if this would lower the value of the bag lol. Maybe it might of been the opposite? Who knows. Just thought I'd share something interesting.
  2. So, not a friendly guy huh?
    I'm always amazed when people act like an a**, we're all potential customers & there's no reason to be rude to anybody!
  3. I still :heart: MJ nontheless!
  4. Why did you get the impression he isn't a friendly person? Random story - but interesting :p
  5. I think sometimes that people either just before, during, or after rehab are not always so friendly. That may have been the reason. He has had some pretty severe problems.
  6. I thought I read not long ago that he was in rehab or something..
  7. Hmm... that sucks! Why can't people just be nice. :sad:
  8. You might be right...he entered rehab around March 12th so this event could have happened right before. I truly hope he's better now.
  9. I hope marc is better now.
  10. He looks like such a nice guy though!
  11. He can be as rude as he wants to me! :p
  12. Good for you! I would have him sign the bag though! You can always buy another... :yes:
  13. ya, what gave you the impression that he wasn't nice? :shrugs:

    If I were in the same situation, I'd have done something "interesting" to his meal! muhahahaha! lol jokes!