Marc Jacobs Elise

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  1. Just bought myself an early Christmas present - a Marc Jacobs Elise handbag in Olive from the sale at I absolutely love it - it's just the right size for me and the colour is great - it's kind of in between black and brown so very versatile in my wardrobe. Isn't it cute? It's my second MJ bag - I'm sure there'll be more to come :biggrin:

  2. Very classy and chic. Love it!!! Great find.
  3. Very nice. Congrats! :biggrin:
  4. Very cute, I need to check this sale out too !
  5. out of curiosity, if you're in the US, how much import tax did they charge you? i'm thinking about buying a paddington from them
  6. Sorry I'm in the UK so no import tax for me.

    I can't stop getting her out of the dust bag for a fondle. :shame::love:
  7. Very nice bag! Congratulations!