Marc Jacobs Elise


Mar 25, 2006
I have been looking for a really great spring bag in white for a few weeks now and I just came across the Elise in Chalk. I just had a few questions about it since I've never seen it IRL. Is the strap big enough to put over your shoulder? It is patent leather or strictly leather? Also, how much does it go for? I am currently on the waitlist for a Dior Gaucho in white which is supposed to come in within the next 2 or 3 weeks? Should I go for the Elise or the Gaucho? Any suggestions would be wonderful!


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Sep 13, 2005
Chalk Elise is a great bag. It is made of "distressed" patent goatskin leather which means it looks a bit crackled. The strap fits over my shoulder, but not with a jacket or coat. The chalk is actually more of a creamy ivory color than a true white if that makes a difference. There have been some posts on the forum discussing how patent tends to yellow over time. I'm not sure if this will be the case with the Elise or how long it even takes for a color change to occur with patent leathers. My past experience with white and ivory bags is they get dirty very quickly--the patent would be easy to clean which might offset the tendency to yellow. At least this bag would be more resistant to dirt than other white bags! The price for the patent Elise is $1050.

As for choosing between the Gaucho and the Elise, these are very different bags and it really depends on your style and wardrobe which will work best. Good luck with your decision!


Jan 17, 2006
I too have heard od the white patent turning color. There has been no confirmation though. I adore the style and shape of the Elise. I have it as well.

The gaucho is a very casual style - and doesn't suit me too well, since I mainly use my handbags at work. On the weekends I use diaper bags!;)


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Oct 18, 2005
the elise can fit on your shoulder if you're thin or not wearing a jacket, and i like it a lot better than the Gaucho (i've seen both IRL). i have a black elise sitting in my university mailbox waiting for me to rescue it Monday! you can probably do a google search and find leather care info about preventing yellow and/or how long it might take to yellow. the elise normally retails for $1050 plus tax, but they have the chalk on, and if you're outside the EU, you should be able to get it for $900ish after import duties.


Mar 1, 2006
The exact same style (not quilted) is also available in regular calf skin leather as well. I have seen black, nutmeg, putty, and butter at Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus (actual stores only). I personally like the patent version more, the color pops and gives the bag a 'dressed-up' feel.

Like everyone said, Elise and Gaucho are different. Maybe we can give you better suggestion if you provide more information on your style & preference. I use (rotate) my bag mostly for work so I tend to choose styles that are not overly casual (like messenger bags) to me of course. For weekend, I use more casual bags (Kooba Scarlett is one of them).


Mar 25, 2006
Thanks so much for everyone's input. I have also heard that the patent leather changes color but do we know how soon it does? I mean if it is a few years down the road then I'm not worried.

I know that the Elise and the Gaucho are quite different but they seem to be the only white bags that I like this season unfortunatly, even though they are so different. My style tends to be mostly casual. I'm a college student so I'm home, mostly lounging around, during the summer. If I do need to dress it up I have bags that I can do that with. One reason why I was questioning the Elise is because I felt that it wasn't a typical bag that one would carry around to "house parties" and whatnot. If any one has any suggestions that are similar to either of these two bags that would be great. Thanks again!
Jan 10, 2006
I had the Elise Chalk and returned it. I absolutely loved the bag, but not enough to have it turn yellow on me. It will remind you of an Easter bag though in that color. The Elise design is very good. Not too big or too small. I felt that I could carry this bag whether I was being casual or dressing up and going out. I also have the Gaucho tote (in red though). I think it has been a harder bag for me to carry. I am thinking of getting rid of it because I just don't grab for this bag as much as I should for the price I paid. If I had the white gaucho, I may feel different but do think it would be a harder bag to keep clean versus the Elise. I you really want the gaucho, get it in white and then buy an Elise in black patent - that is really the color I wanted. It really pops. But alas, I already had too many black bags to justify buying it.