Marc Jacobs Elise bag

  1. Does anyone know if the following internet retailer sells authentic Marc Jacobs bags - Also, can anyone recommend where else to buy a Marc Jacobs Elise bag?

    I was trying to have a bag authenticated from an eBay seller, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the link right. Here is the info - you may have to cut & paste until I figure this out. Thanks. K
  2. One more thing, I read a few comments regarding the above eBay seller & although there were only a few negatives compared to a lot of positives - they accused the seller of fake handbags & the sellers replies were always very defensive... that is my only concern. Thanks for any help. Kim
  3. Hi Kim,

    Both stores (designersimporters & europeanoutlet) don't sell authentic bags. You did it right (just copy & paste from the address box), I was able to visit the eBay listing by just clicking on the URL. =)

    You are looking for Black Calf Leather Elise right? If yes, I have seen it at Nordstrom (Brea Mall) and Bloomingdale's (Fashion Island). Some colors are still available at various MJ boutiques.

    Below is a partial listing of retailers with authentic MJ products:
  4. Bag Lover. Thank you so much. Very helpful information! I appreciate it. I love this site. Kim
  5. bag.lover is our MJ research analyst. She is the best. ~hugs~