Marc jacobs elastic black or navy?

  1. I can't decided which color I want to get for the elastic stam? Black or Blue? The blue cost $60 more than the black one.
  2. I have never seen either one of them in person.
  3. where did you find them? I've looked just about everywhere for a Quilted Elastic Stam in pretty much any color (but esp blue) - Did you find them somewhere?
  4. Get the Navy! It's gorgeous and IMO can be used as a nice alternative to basic black.
  5. The black one I found in Oakbrook Chicago for $669, someone just returned while I was on the phone with my sales. It's on the way to ship to me. I just found a blue one from You can get it for 847.50. But however if you use the You can get 7% cashback. So it makes it to be $787. iBut the black one, I need to pay the tax. To me, It's only the navy is only $60 more than black. But I felt like I like the blue color more. I just bought one from the Shopbop. I think there is one more at Shopbop. So, Good luck.
  6. I see a Plum one on Shopbop... but it's the East West Quilted Elastic Bag. Is that the one you mean?
  7. As for the color, I vote for blue. Much more distinctive. And it's such a dark blue that it almost passes for black.
  8. No, there was a plum ew elastci stam, but there is also a regular navy elastic stam on the site also. I think that was the one you got. Girl, you are so lucky.
  9. The blue one is so pretty in the picture. That's why even thought I got the black one shipped from Nordstrom, I am still searching the blue color. I think I will return the black one once I received both. Can you please post a picture of your blue stam for me?

  10. Yes, the one I got from Nordstrom was the blue elastic Stam. I will try to post pics later tonight. :smile:
  11. I vote for the blue as well.
  12. I like the navy one better. It's a nice dark blue, that can pass for black. I also think the navy elastic leather looks better in this color than black. Can't wait to see the pics when you get your bag!
  13. I like blue as well.... I always gravitate toward colors rather than black. Too many boring black bags out there!
  14. Navy! I can't wait to see it!
  15. Thank you so much for all the valuable opnions. I can't wait to receive my new purse. I will post the picture once I get it.