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    The purpose of this thread is to spotlight authentic Marc Jacobs bags that are currently available and ending soon or are reasonably priced BIN bags that might be of interest to a fellow tPFer ~

    Listings must be ending soon (within a day or so) or have a reasonable BIN price tag ~

    If you are not 100% positive about the authenticity of the listing - please post to the Authenticate this MJ bag thread FIRST ~

    You may not post your own listing ~

    You are responsible for confirming the authenticity of the bag if you are not familiar with the PFer posting the listing ~

    This has gone over very well in other sub-forums so lets try it here!! :okay:

    Happy Bidding!! :smile:

  2. Marc Jacobs Handbag

    13 hrs 12 min ~ FYI reserve not met yet...
  3. This listing was removed.
  4. Yes I saw that...I had been bidding early on it and someone used BIN for $695. It appears that someone used BIN and then has changed their mind by indicating it was unauthorized use of their account... This item should end up being relisted would be my guess... Those things are unfortunately getting to be more common and as a seller myself can be VERY frustrating. :push:

    I am pretty sure it will be relisted-I personally really liked the color - can be dressy or casual ~ :yes:
  5. goodness forenfinal, i will be SO addicted to this thread! good idea! :tup:
  6. hey forenfinal I just wanted to stop in and say thanks for the great new thread! :flowers:
  7. Great thread! Thank you forenfinal!
Thread Status:
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