MARC JACOBS "E/W Quilted Stam" Bag: weights how many balenciagas?

  1. I have no idea how heavy Marc Jacobs' Stam bag with the Chain Handle is, but my old MJ bags are really heavy compared to my B bags.

    Can any one tell me how much a Stam weights?

    I started to think "how many Balenciagas to equal the weight of just one MJ Stam? My current (pulled out of straight air) guess is 12 Balenciagas (various's the hardware that weights the most.

  2. I was going to say 10, but then I decided maybe 5 might be more realistic, w/the hardware and all ... i someone must do a weigh-in. ;)
  3. actually, i had bought the stam...feeling like it was too heavy, weighed the two....
    ONE stam=2.5 balenciaga city
    needless to say, balenciaga has spoiled me and i returned my stam.
  4. Do you want to know with or without things inside of it. I find it amazing people are always complaining about the weight of the stam. It doesn't feel that heavy to me. Once I put stuff in my bbags it's just as heavy.
  5. I like heavy bags, like my paddington. I get to carry a great bag AND work on my muscles. Now that's luxury to me.
  6. i don't have a stam yet.
    i just missed getting it for a magenta city :P
  7. i would say about 3 city bags
  8. I don't know how many B-bags = the weight of Stam, but I do know that my fully loaded black city bag weighed slightly less than my empty Stam. Made the decision to part with Stam a lot easier...
  9. i used to own a Stam and that sucker was heavy! i had one of the older ones with the suede lining which i felt contributed to the weight, the newer ones with the linen may not be quite as heavy.
  10. I took my chain off my Stam awhile ago. It sits in the Stam Dustbag in its plastic sheath. I found that it just added way too much poundage -- my shoulders were hurting so it had to go. I don't really care if "the chain makes the bag". My Balenciaga Office bag is much lighter, probably one full Office/Work = one Empty suede-lined Stam!

    I sold my Paddington awhile ago because it was too heavy and I was using it without the padlock for the same reason.

    The Jimmy Choo Ramona also seems like it's very heavy compared to the B-Bag!!