Marc Jacobs dilemma

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  1. Greetings!
    I have a small problem, and I wonder if anyone else can help me. I purchased a "Authentic Marc Jacobs " Elise handbag from an online handbag shop "Elegance Handbags" last year. Due to its size and weight, I could not use it anymore, and it is still just like new, so I was attempting to sell it on eBay. After looking at the photos of the bag, the riri zipperheads and the protective feet, a bidder wrote to me and said the bag was NOT authentic.
    The Elegance Handbags website boasts that their bags are 100% authentic. Who do I believe, and how do I know if the bag is a fake? Can anyone help?:wtf:
  2. you can try and have the bag authenticated on here. before i purchased my first stam, i had the ladies here take a look at it first. goodluck :smile:
  3. Post the photos you sent me to the Authenticate this MJ thread and you will get responses. I will not respond as I believe I am the one that contacted you...
    Is that where your MIL bought the bag? Does she still have the receipt? What is their return policy if not authentic? If you would rather not do the posting I can do for you to get opinions. Let me know if you would like help. OK?

  4. agree with previous posts!
  5. eh, i don't trust websites like that... a lot of people here don't ... I believe I've been to this website before though and people have complained and/or asked about authenticity.