Marc Jacobs Designed These ????

  1. Hello,
    I first saw the photo about a year ago and I thought they were the funniest shoes I've ever seen. I used it as my avtar as a joke, then I found out just now through ELuxury that Marc Jacobs not only designed these but they are on sale from 400+ to 179.ish a pair. OMG!
    Am I dreaming, please wake me up from this nightmare !
  2. ^^ Some people actuallyliked them.

    I thought they were pertty terrible
  3. :throwup: They look like something Marc himself would wear :roflmfao: .His fall 2006 footwear looks like crap,at least his MBMJ line has a couple pair that are actually wearable :lol: .
    Outside of the runway shows I'd be interested to know who wears these ugly a$$ things :shrugs: .
  4. The navy(?) ones are hillarious! The one on wooden wheels ! Or are those metal wheels ? Hee-Hee
  5. those first shoes remind me of something Blanche on the Golden Girls would wear:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. they're a piece of work huh?! haha, they're fun to look at though.

    maybe they're like those roller blade shoes that were soooo in a couple years ago (I forget what they're called, heelies?) and you roll around town on them.
  7. *GIGGLES* :P