Marc Jacobs - Denim Color - pics help clear up confusion

  1. Hey there,

    Ok, I cannot get a clear idea of what this color is -
    on eBay there was one old auction for a Denim Anouk and it looks bright blue - and then there's a new one on eBay for a MP and it looks more subdued -

    anyone have a picture to clarify color?
  2. Nevermind - that Anouk was Perkiwinkle!

    LADIES!!!!! The Denim color is at NR - and it's BEAUTIFUL - it's the color of the bag they showed in The Devil Wears Prada - HOP TO IT!!!:heart::heart:
  3. ^^I ordered the large denim multipocket Tuesday night from NR in San Jose, CA. Hope to have it in a few more days. I am so excited and will post pics when I receive.
  4. Denim is indeed a great color. A few weeks ago I purchased a small multipocket in Denim and waiting for the right occasion to carry it. It's almost like a light teal color, and one of my favorites!
  5. what bag was it in the devil wears prada? was it a multipocket?
  6. Awesome - a large MP - I really wanted a Medium MP in denim - but I think I'm going to settle for a small one.
    It's a hot color! The berry is too intense for me ;)
  7. It was the bag that she gave her friend while they were out for drinks. She handed to her over the table. It was the large denim MP, at least that is color we think it is!
  8. YES it was and by the by... in the movie they quoted the WRONG price. I got endless amounts of crap from my family and husband about it.

    Its the most infuriating scene in the film for two reasons: the wrong price quote AND the fact that her friends are all "gung-ho" to accept the free goods but when the boss calls- interrupting the dinner- the friends want to tell her off AFTER they have accepted these free goods that the bosses name got them.... I know this isnt a movie review site but I thought I'd air my pet peeves about the film.... other than that I LOVED the film.
  9. I think Denim is a TDF color. I absolutely LOVE IT. That being said, light colors scare the crap out of me...I would never use it b/c I'd be afraid of spilling something on it.

    One of my favorite Stella colors is off-white but I just can't do it!
  10. I am such a huge Devil Wears Prada fan!! The movie was actually much better than the book, although they were very different.

    ecmd7--congrats on your new denim MP! sounds gorgeous!

    C1976--I hate that scene too! They say the bag is like $1200 or something ridiculous for an MP! Overall, I just hated how her friends/boyfriend were so unsupportive of her new job. I mean, everyone has to work a lot when they first start out!

  11. Agree, the movie is waaaaaaaaay much better than the book. I actually got mad when I read the ending, it was just too frustrating, and not funny at all.
  12. Thank you marclover! AMEN. I saw it as her friends holding her back from a relatively good job (the perks make up for the amount of grief in my opinion). I would sell my soul to have access to a closet like that.... ooh the Chanel!

    AND I have goten way off topic and forgot to offer my congrats on the new gorgeous bag of yours, ecmd7. I know you said you were looking for a good blue bag... so this is fantastic news!
  13. I just re-watched it on dvd with my mom and sister who knew I just bought a marc jacobs bag so when that scene came on with the wrong bag price my mom was like, "HOW COULD YOU SPEND SO MUCH!" I assured her they were wrong about the price and that my bag was waaaaaay less than that because it was from eBay but still.

    Also, I hate how her friends act in that scene. So unsupportive. Meanwhile, if her boyfriend is a chef, he works crazy hours too and would actually never be home before her if he worked in a restaurant in NYC, save for on days off.