Marc Jacobs Deep Forest Brownie Tote

  1. Some of MJ's fabric bags are just :sick:

  2. Ick! And that bag is probably $200, when you can get cuter bags at Target for $14.99.

    Some of the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are pretty flimsy looking. Others are gorgeous and worth more than their price. This goes in the first category.
  3. Wallmart at its best!:sick:
  4. oh marc, how your genious confuses make gorgeous collection bags and then you go and make me want to cry with your marc line...
  5. :sick:
  6. marc doesn't design anything. blame the team.
  7. Everyone reports to someone and if Marc doesn't know what the team is doing shame on Marc!
  8. i'm not an idiot, but i intend to hold him responsible for anything he puts his name on.
  9. Very true, he should keep track of what ugly bag they put his name all over!
  10. ditto, ILoveCoach. I agree with you.
  11. Totally agree, I am really confused by some of his bags.. and I'm not too impressed with some of the new Louis Vuitton bags, which don't have his name all over them.. but I know who's the executive producer for those bags !!!
  12. Don't really care for that one.