Marc Jacobs Daisy

  1. I'm looking for a new scent and typically love Marc Jacobs' fragrances. Has anyone tried Daisy yet? If so, what do you think? Thanks!
  2. I tried it and liked it! It was very feminine.
  3. i've been wearing it for a couple of weeks now and absolutely LOVE it it smells so light and refreshing :heart:
  4. i just bought it and i love it! very fresh and clean..
  5. i'm hesitant to buy since it is EDT. how good is the staying power?
  6. I read a description that said it was strawberry jasmine. Is this accurate?

    The descriptions always make the scent sound sooo delicious and then I smell it and it's like :throwup:
  7. I was wondering about daisy too. what is like? similar to another perfume to get an idea about its scent
  8. I love the bottle :love:!
  9. I just purchased a 3.4 oz bottle so I'll letcha all know what I think when I get it!!! :yes:
  10. ^^ Me,too!!! I think I want it just to use it as a decoration! :yes::p
  11. I have been wearing this for several weeks and while I love the way it smells, its staying power is pretty much zilch, at least on me. It seems to fade completely away within an hour. I also ordered the body lotion but haven't received it yet (backordered). I'm hoping that layering the perfume over the lotion will help it linger a bit longer.
  12. I'm with you!! I am a sucker for beautiful perfume bottles and this one is no exception!! :nogood:
  13. i adored it! esp. that really pretty bottle~
  14. the lasting power isn't so great on me either, but i love the scent so much i don't really care. i just fill up a little atomizer and carry it with me throughout the day to respray.

    i've tried the body lotion on various occasions because i really want to liek it since i feel like it'll make the scent last longer, but it just doesn't smell right to me. my SA is adamant that it smells just like the lotion, but it's a little off to me and i don't really like the scent :sad:.
  15. My Cosmopolitan magazine had a sample of this and I quite liked it, especially since it has top notes consisting of fresh violet and wild strawberries, but I have far too many perfumes at the moment so no more purfume purchases for a while!