Marc Jacobs Daisy Invites

  1. Not sure if this has been talked about before, but I have an extra Daisy invite if anyone needs one.

    I got a free keychain today from the games :yahoo:
  2. I'm not familiar with this. What is a Daisy invite?
  3. Melly,

    It's the new invite only MJ website to promote the Daisy fragrance. There's a contest and five people will win free MJ bags, and a bunch of others will get free fragrance.

    I got my original invite from

    Hope that helps. :flowers:
  4. ...yeah, what is this?
  5. ooh ooh! i would like one if it's not taken already!
  6. Hey everyone, I just gave mine to Melly. She should receive five to give out and if she's nice maybe she'll give you one :smile:
  7. If anyone has an extra invite, please pm me!
  8. Thank you Purly! If anyone would like one please PM me your email address. :smile:
  9. i need an invite code...any1 got extras? thx
  10. Oh I would love one if anyone has one left! Thank you!!!
  11. Please PM me if you would like an invite! I got one from MElly!!!! Thanks so much MELLY!
  12. Graceful I sent you a email!
  13. I have ONE more left! I emailed those that PMd the invite.
  14. Thanks grace ! I got it :biggrin: