Marc Jacobs Cotton Tote

  1. I've been looking for a throw around bag for school and my Saturday classes at F.I.T. Where can I get one of the cotteon totes from the Marc Hacobs website under special items?
  2. The web site mentions that they are exclusive to the Marc Jacobs' boutiques. I had no idea that they were so cheap! I might pick one up just to lug all my students' papers.
  3. The boutiques have told me they are sold out and to call back in 2 weeks. If anyone goes to the actual store and sees them... pick me up one!! Black tote!!
  4. they have all different canvas totes at the m by mj boutiques... some styles are sold out, but they still have a ton of different styles.
  5. try calling the mbmj accessories store on bleecker. the number is 212-924-6126. i was there on monday and there were a ton of fabric bags available. they had the jacobs by marc jacobs fabric bags in black and navy as well as the other canvas bags with the clown designs on them and ones from savannah that are shown on the website. you can order from the store directly. i'm not sure how much shipping charges are though.
  6. the LA store always has tons....they keep replenishing. I have one, a whole $12.
  7. this doesn't have anything to do with bags but i went to F.I.T last year!
  8. Better yet, take a walk over to Bleeker.. the MBMJ boutique always has fun accessories!
  9. When I ordered the pan am bag from the Bleeker MBMJ boutique I got two of the jacobs by mj totes! I can't wait for them! Such a great price and so hilarious!!

    Shipping was $20 for everything.
  10. Does anyone have pics to post? These sounds intriguing...
  11. I found them on the MJ website under "special items." But a lot are up for sale on eBay too.
  12. would anyone happen to know how much shipping would be?
  13. The S.A's told me shipping was a flat $20.