Marc question

  1. Hi guys, I am really wanting some of the Special items on the Marc Jacobs site for gifts for my nieces (the plastic key chains, resin rings, totes, etc). I live in Louisiana-therefore, no where near a boutique. Can I order things and have them shipped to me? Would it be worth it since shipping would probably be really high for these cheap items?

    The closest I will be to one will be when I go to Orlando- but it is still 3.5-4 hrs away. TIA!
  2. I'd just call them up tomorrow and ask about shipping the items to you. What's to lose, except the cost of a phone call?
  3. blew415, if you know what you're gonna get, I don't mind getting them for you. I like shopping for other people. Don't you know that I secretly wish that it was my job? :p Plus you don't need to pay for shipping.
  4. blew415--there's an MJ store in Savannah. If you call them up, they're really nice on the phone. You just tell them what you want and they'll send you an email/fax with a customer agreement form attached. It's a really easy process!
    The only dumb part is the flat shipping rate is 20 dollars, so I always try to order as much as I can at once to get my money's worth!

    Have you been looking at the website? I love the MJ necklace that looks like a key!
  5. Here's the number: 912-234-2800
  6. Thanks so much marclover for the phone number! And yes, I like the key necklace very much!

    chloe.clementine- I will pm you soon!
  7. I've done two orders charge send. Each was $20 for shipping which is really awful.
  8. Wow, that's a lot in shipping... I wish you told me earlier today, I was just there! I guess the shipping is only worth it if you order a lot and don't have to pay tax.
  9. ^^Thithi--did you get anything?!
  10. I know it was brutal to pay that much for shipping.

    But to get everything I wanted off eBay would have been way more so I just made one order for the pan am bag and totes... then regretted not getting tshirts and another tote so I made another order a week later. I had thought about asking a friend in nyc to go to the store for me but didn't want to burden anyone since most of my friends aren't into fashion.

    I hadn't thought about asking any pf members who might have already been heading to the mbmj boutique. I might call upon someone at some point if it's considered kosher.
  11. pghandbag, if you need to get something from MJ. I won't mind getting it from you just call ahead to make sure they have it then I will be more than happy to pick them up.
  12. Well, I just ordered one MJ bag from an Italian store... Shipping to another European Union country was 30€, which is equivalent of $40. So I guess things are relative. :sad:
  13. Thanks again for ya'lls help on this. Sometime I wish I just lived close enough to certain stores- high shipping can take the fun out of shopping sometimes!