Marc Jacobs colors - seasonal?

  1. I recently got a spearmint Venetia and I wondered if others would consider it a seasonal color. Is it strictly a spring/summer bag or could I get away with carrying it year round? I also have an eggplant bag that I use all year round, but mostly carry in the winter.

    Do you wear your light/bright colored Marc bags all year round or do you consider some of them to be seasonal?
  2. I would carry the spearmint bag in the fall/winter - I'm thinking it would really look great with navy blue and with grey. Is this the color?

  3. That is a great year round color to give your wardrobe some pop!
  4. I would definitely carry the Spearmint color year round, well not with anything red though. That makes ya look like a Christmas tree!:roflmfao:
  5. That's pretty good!:roflmfao:
  6. Thanks guys! I love this bag so much that it would kill me to put it away all winter. Thanks YoungProf, for the color suggestions. It does look great with navy, I know. I'll have to try it with grey too.