Marc Jacobs collection vs MBMJ

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  1. Forgive me if this has already been talked about but I couldn't find it. I've been seeing bags that look more like MBMJ but are labeled Marc Jacobs. Is there a bridge line? or has MJ started making less luxurious bags?
  2. Marc Jacobs collection and MBMJ merged into a single line years ago.

    When they merged, some MBMJ styles started using that Marc Jacobs nameplate. The initial company line was that these styles were going to be discontinued and that nameplate was essentially being used for overstock while production tapered off. Either that was a lie or sales were decent enough to continue production. Those bags are basically considered outlet styles now and are sold at (made for, is the assumption) places like Off 5th, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, etc. but are not sold or even really recognized as existing by the official Marc Jacobs site. The 'mainline' styles now are mostly mid-range bags with a few premier priced bags mixed in.
  3. thank you for explaining that
    yes, I've been seeing the MJ bags at Nordstrom Rack
  4. I should clarify that not all the bags at places like NR are the assumed 'made for' styles. Some are still legitimate overstock that are from the mainline, just not the former MBMJ styles with those MJ nameplates. I'm sure they've added more bags to their outline line but I honestly haven't been paying much attention.

    If you were at Mission Valley, those frog snapshot bags and parrot backpacks are mainline, for example.
  5. I've been at MV and also Poway recently......didn't notice those but there were some pebbled leather bags that looked more like MBMJ to me......years ago in my early PF days, Bloomingdales used to have MJ collection bags prominently displayed .....not sure if they even carry them anymore
  6. I'm sorry to hear that you've been in Poway recently.

    I haven't seen Marc Jacobs displayed anywhere in awhile. I know Barneys New York stopped carrying MJ this past June.
  7. you hate Poway? I used to work in the area and sometimes go to doctor appointments over there
  8. Mostly because it's inland and 625 degrees.
  9. yes, I live inland and hate all the hot weather
  10. I'm in University Heights and this is still too inland for me. This summer has been brutal so far.
  11. yes, and no end in sight
    Do you get emails from My Sister's Closet?
    They're having 50% off everything now
    I got a very nice back there a year or so ago. Don't know if the bag lovers went in yesterday and got the best stuff
  12. I always thought they hardly doing themselves a favour with the merging. It is so wishy-washy now.
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  13. yes, the MJ bags were more special before
    seems a lot of companies are lowering their quality to keep prices down. Then you go on TPF and the bags that are talked about most and the most expensive - Hermes
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  14. I've actually never been to MSC but always meant to check it out. Right now I really want to move so I'm trying to downsize. The last thing I need to do is shop.
  15. we moved to a new to us house and still have to pay for a very long driveway so I need to save too :smile: