Marc Jacobs collection leopard print satchel

  1. Ladies, for my next purchase, I am considering getting the leopard print satchel. I already have a Stam and Ursula Elise bag and I need more! The bag is really cute but I've never had a pony hair bag before. Does the fur start to look fuzzy and messed up after a few wearings? How do you take care of this kind of material? I don't want to spend $1750 on a bag that's going to shed and look ratty. Also, the tortoise shell links on the bag concern me because it looks like it might be delicate and easy cracked.

    What's your opinion on this bag?

    eLUXURY - Marc Jacobs Collection - Leopard Satchel Marc Jacobs

  2. Like the look but I wouldn´t know about the material sorry :sad: I don´t buy ponyhair bags for sentimental reasons. The shell links do look a bit frail to me.
  3. Bump. Anyone?
  4. I like the shape of the satchel, but I'm not wild about the print and material. I've always been leary of animal print/material because I've always thought that it would be difficult to take care of.

    If you really love it, maybe you can call Marc Jacobs and ask them about caring for this bag.
  5. I really like striking and exotic looking, and not every gal on the block will have this on her arm. Nevertheless, I fear that it is really a special occasion bag...definitely not a bag to cram full of everything and shlep around on a daily basis. I'd assume that the chain would be more delicate than if it had all metal links, and that the hair should be kept away from the elements. It's very fancy.
  6. I'm not much of a leopard print fan. It's too much going on on that bag for me.
  7. It's kind of busy. Not a huge fan....sorry! I think leopard should stay simple since it can be an overwhelming print.
  8. It's cute in that scandalous but nice girl kind of way. Personally, I wouldn't spend that much on a animal print bag, I feel like it would go out of style too quickly. But then again, when have animal prints ever gone out of style?!

    I think the chain strap is entirely metal, and the tortoise shell "cover" the links. So, if it does crack, the strap still won't break. I think, anyway... I noticed it on the frame of another satchel so I think it may be the same for the links.