Marc Jacobs Collection Incognito


Jun 9, 2013
Has anyone seen the new MJ Incognito in person? Just like other MJ bags, this is handmade in Italy. These posts from MJ got my blood pumping this morning. Please share reviews, pics and purchases!


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May 26, 2006
I would love to love it but it doesn't do it for me. It is boring. Looks like a bag perfect for mass marketing. If the price raises to 3-4k instead of 2 it can just become a status symbol.
As an avid Marc collector I am disappointed.
While it's a nice hand made bag, it's nothing to write home about in my book.
I get this trend for designers to offer one style in four hundred sizes and colors but we have many collections who follow this marketing model.
What always made Marc stand out was not only the quality but the unique and interesting styles that made nearly every bag an IT bag worthy of being added to my collection.
While I have 2 or more of several of Marc's previous styles, and used to rush out to buy the minute I saw the new styles,
I would have to talk myself into this bag....lots and lots of talking.
Sad to see this trend to a status symbol of luxury versus a true symbol of artistic style.
Sorry Marc. Not my cup of tea. :girlsigh:


Sep 27, 2008
san diego
I haven't seen the line in person, but I very much eventually need the pink one in my life. If anyone has seen the pink in person and can let me know if it's true to color in that photo, it would be much appreciated!


Singing the Sorrow
I saw this on my IG feed yesterday too, and unfortunately it did nothing for me :sad: Who knows, that may change if I see it in person or in a haul post because sometimes marketing photos do not do the product justice (strangely enough). I would be very interested to see modeling pics if any TPFer ends up getting this bag. But I overall am just not ecstatic over the direction MJ is moving in terms of bag offerings. I think I am going to save my ducets for Hermes, since MJ is going to be charging an arm and a leg now anyway, if the rumors are true.


I Heart Bags!
Aug 30, 2006
I'm sure the leather and craftsmanship is amazing but I don't know. I feel this looks like alot of other bags out there right now. And maybe that's what he's going for?! It's a nice looking bag though, just doesn't seem like a Marc bag though.

I'll just hang on to my Hudson because that's the bag that got me into Marc Jacobs anyhow. I've always loved Marc's style and maybe this will grow on me but first impression is meh....:hrmm: Maybe if I saw it in person I'd fall in love lol!


Mar 4, 2013
I walked in the Marc Jacobs store this weekend and that bag immediately caught my eye. It isn't my cup to tea, but there is some strange appeal. In person it looks luxurious but at the same time, I keep thinking it looks like something I've seen before. I like Marc Jacobs because of the uniqueness of his bags, but this time.... oh well :smile:


Oct 29, 2013
For me it's one of those, "I like it well enough but not well enough to purchase it" bags. I agree that somehow the style isn't quite as...striking? It looks well made though, for sure.


Jun 9, 2013
Finally saw it in person at the SoHo store. The medium version was larger than expected and significant. The large version is huge and the added size is mostly North/South. It was gorgeous, actually. It is a similar shape to the LV Soft Lockit but more structured with additional hardware adornment. The SA says the leather used to make this bag is the reason why it's significantly more expensive than other MJ bags in the past. It is very thick and substantial and you can feel and smell it. 😊 They don't use any card boards or fillers in the walls of the bag to obtain the structure. I did also visit the LV store in SoHo and the Soft Lockit is soft and pliable and lighter in weight than this bag, for comparison. For instance, there will be no slouching or smashing of the Incognito. Obviously, the Incognito is also less expensive than the Soft Lockit. I hope this information is helpful!

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