Marc Jacobs Clutch

  1. My mum gave me some money for Xmas so I picked up the last one of these from Net A Porter. It is going to be a great party bag over the coming holidays.

  2. I think those clutches are so cute! Congrats!!
  3. I recently got the black and love it. It's small and simple, but adorable. Congrats!
  4. I love how sparkly it looks!
  5. adorable congrats
  6. Does anyone know where I can find this MJ jewel embellished clutch? I've searched everywhere including eBay. Pease help! TIA
  7. i've seen a few on eBay the past couple of months...i guess you just have to be patient...
  8. How much does this clutch retail for? I think its gorgy!
  9. i think they were like $168 or something new...
  10. ^ I think it was prolly a bit more. $168 was for the regular leather ones. If I'm not mistaken the embellished ones were $198 :shrugs:
  11. I saw them on the sales tables at Saks and Nordstrom several months back. I think they're probably all gone by now. Like June said, eBay is more than likely your best bet. Good luck!
  12. Congrats, what a gorgeous clutch! -runs to check ebay-
  13. Congrats! It's so pretty!!!:drool:
  14. you're probably right:tup:
  15. wow, that is really pretty. I don't even remember seeeing these around last season. MbMJ bags don't usually have that much embellishment, but i think it is hot!