Marc Jacobs Christy

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  1. I recently bought an MJ Christy in Peanut from Nordstrom's. I do love the bag, but I haven't seen it in other stores or on the MJ website. My concern is that it's a leftover from an earlier collection. I'm not that well informed about the bags, although I do have another MJ. I'm sure someone on this site will be able to tell me my bag's history. I haven't used it yet and would consider returning it. I hate to spend close to a thousand on a bag that's from last year.
  2. I believe the peanut Christy bag is from the Fall 2007 collection. If you want to be sure though look in the interior pocket for a small tag. That should tell you for sure. HTH!

    **Oh and congrats on the new bag!! If you decide to keep it you should post pictures for us to drool over. :smile: **
  3. Thanks for the quick replies. While I was checking for the tag on the inside pocket (which I did not find), I reminded myself why I liked this bag so much. The color is yummy and I love the magnetic closures. So much easier than a zipper on top. Even the zipper compartments on the outside front have magnetic closures for the pull tabs. I think it's time to start using my new bag!!
  4. Congrats & enjoy your new bag!
  5. Look again. It is a very small tag located at the bottom corner of the pocket. Sometimes it helps to turn the pocket inside out to find it. My fall 2007 Seventies Satchel has one so I believe yours should too. I'm glad you're happy with your bag though. Enjoy!!
  6. The Christy is definitely a newer bag and it's gorgeous! That's one of many on my dream wish list. :smile: Congrats on getting one and yes if you can post pics, please do so! We'd love to see it! :tup:
  7. Thanks
  8. Congrats on your new bag! I'd love to see pics!
  9. I'd love to see pics too!!!! I always liked the lucky girl!! Be sure to include a modeling pic!! Congrats & Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. This is my first post, but I've loved reading this site for a long time. I just wanted to say that I, too just bought the Marc Jacobs Christy bag, and after reading here on Friday about finding the tag to see the season, I looked and did find it after several tries and it does say Fall 2007. This is my first venture in to this price range bag, and I love it. Uh-oh.
  11. I just purchased 2 Christy bags, and it is currently on several websites, Bloomingdales, Neiman, etc. It was a Spring/Summer style, but they are continuing it into the Fall/Winter with new colors. Good luck with the bag. It is gorgeous!
  12. The Christy is my favorite style of MJ bag, but I do not have one because I am not crazy about the bags with the gold hardware (sorry~ don't mean to step on any toes!!!) I just wish MJ would make some of the current styles with the silver hardware.
    A Christy with silver hardware would be perfect!!! The style and size are so great!!!
  13. I love the Christy as well. It is a beautiful lighter (as in weight) bag and the peanut is a gorgeous color. Congrats.
  14. I agree...bring back the silver hardware!!!

    Congrats njtosc on your new Christy!
  15. The Christy is so cute! Congrats!