Marc Jacobs "Christy" yoga mat bag!!!

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  1. Ooooohh! now i get to have some pretty accessories for yoga!! this bag is soo cute and I just won it off eBay for $31!! It was originally $650 :s !I love the design he came up with christy!! my yoga mat will now be happy haha :smile:
    e38a_1.jpg 2088_1.jpg f83e_0.jpg 4abd_0.jpg
  2. That is freaking sweet!! I would love to carry my yoga mat in that!
    ?? 31$ ??? Lucky girl!
  3. aww how cute. i love how theres a ruler there that appears to try and measure it even though its like 3 times too long. congrats on the bag!
  4. aw thanks zombie girl and tomato!!!
  5. Oh wow, that is cute!!! What a stylish yoga mat bag ;) Congrats on a steal!
  6. thanks captain!! :smile:
  7. How cute! Love the lining. And what a bargain! Congrats!
  8. Great! - I want one!!
  9. That is wonderful!
  10. wow! awesome deal - congrats! that works out perfectly.