MARC JACOBS Christmas Tree Thread...

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  1. :woohoo:

    What does YOUR tree look like!

    Yup -surfing COACH forum again and saw their thread! Wow they have some pretty trees ~ Sooooooo...

    I thought I would post mine here - post yours too!

    Snowy day here today so got two of them up!! One more to go!

    I love Christmas time!! :girlsigh:

    My Kitchen Tree
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My Living Room Tree (almost finished)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Still have to put the Family Room tree up-will post later.

    Happy Holidays everybody! :smile:
  2. aww my tree is so sad!, i have one ornament (it's the bear that ladyracer trd gave me for raok). i've been busy with work and school :cry:

  3. forenfinal, your trees look great!!

    I was actually expecting them to be decorated with Marc Jacobs accessories when I read the name of this thread.... =P
  4. Beautiful trees guys. Forenfinal I love the gingerbread theme for the kitchen:tup:

    LMAO I was just thinking the other day that this would be a great thread to start. I'll post mine this w/e!
  5. Love everyone's trees!! Christmas is my favorite holiday! Here is my tree! It's a bit blurry, sorry! The room was just painted so that is why it is so empty besides the tree! Happy Holidays everyone!!
  6. Great trees!

    mslgrrl- I am sure the bear won't remain lonely for too long!!
    staciesg26- Pretty tree and I love your new room color!
    My hubby called and is coming home early :choochoo: Yipee!! I am whipping up a Newburg Pot Pie and some Sourdough Rolls ~ mmm mmm good! It was a really nasty day here today and supposed to be cold tonight so I thought that would warm the belly and maybe persuade him to help me finish the trees ~ We'll see?!? I know supper will be good though!

    C'mon girls! Let see 'em!!
  7. i just looked up newburg pot yum, can i come over hehe. i'll start adding ornaments over the week. i wish i had a coordinated tree, all our ornaments are hand me downs from my fiancee and my childhood.


  8. Those are my favorite kind of ornaments! The family room tree is the "family tree" ~ Tradition is everything this time of year IMO. :yes:
    Dinner was good! Of course very heavy so hubby is snoozing in his recliner "watching" :rolleyes: aka holding the remote and snoring one of the Deal or No Deals he tivo'd - he is addicted! I'll try again later on the tree ~ ;)
  9. Pretty trees girls!! And um when we finally go get ours I'll post pix too.
    A little late this year!
  10. What a great idea for a thread. This is going to be fun seeing all the different trees:tup: I hope we get to see alot of them. I love this time of the year:yahoo:

    staciesg26, your tree looks so fresh with the white lights and green and white background. I love it!

    mslgrrl, the bear is so cute. You have plenty of time left to add an ornament or two. The ornamnets with sentimental value are my favorites to hang on the tree. I love that you have ornaments from your childhood!

    forenfinal, I love both of your trees! The gingerbreads are darling.I put up multiple trees too. I want it to feel like Christmas everywhere you turn. My favorite place for a tree is my bedroom.

    Keep the photos coming. I will post when we get our tree.
  11. pretty tree and the paint looks great too!
  12. mslgrrl your tree is soo cute as is. thank goodness for RAOK!
  13. Here is my tree this morning and my new Krinkles stockings, which I :love: (dont mind the fireplace - its getting a new surround next week). And I found the prettiest bird ornaments at Target this year. Love em.

  14. cute bird ornaments and your tree is so plump :smile:
  15. Thanks mslgrrl!