Marc Jacobs Chocolate Zip Clutch $75.60 @ NM

  1. OMG! I missed this one too. How do you find these great deals? I've been on the site several times today and did not see this.

  2. I have been sitting in my kitchen with my laptop watching Fox while I continue to refresh the handbag sale page every 10-15 seconds! LOL! butt is getting numb!
  3. What a steal! You are the resident deal finder. :smile:
  4. i randomly find good deals but i take too long to pay for them and then they go away but will reappear
  5. I envy you! I get easily distracted so I'll forget to refresh after a minute or 2! HAHA! If I were you, I'd be soo broke! You find the best deals!! I WANT THAT CLUTCH SO BADD!

  6. LOL!! It's because I have tooooo much time on my hands!! I have seriously let everything in my house go lately and am just waiting for my DH to ask me why!!
  7. i had a marc jacobs bag in my shopping bag for 76.4 after tax and i debated too long if i was gonna buy it, that it was gone :sad:
  8. *refresh! *refresh! *refresh! Nothing yettt!!
  9. my mj bag came back but its 84.27, dont know if i should spend that much :sad: i want some juicy couture pants for 56 after tax, hmm... grrrr
  10. whoops waited too long again oh well, its the 3rd time i have seen it haha
  11. Which MJ bag?
  12. it was the turn lock pouchette.. i dont own a mj but i thought i could have one if i bought that one haha :p im sure it will come back..
  13. [​IMG][​IMG]

    These two MJ's are up now.