Marc Jacobs Chevron Caroline Bag

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  1. It is technically last season-I waited for it to go on far -it DIDNT...I will let you know if it does.......
  2. I'll keep on the lookout!
  3. I saw someone at the mall a few weeks ago with one in a plum color. It's a bigger bag than it looks in the picture, but I liked how it looked IRL.
  4. Check this eBay listing 6854728999
  5. Thanks! I was actually looking for the medium size in cream or the large in black... I'll just have to keep my eye out! And that others help in the search!
  6. How about this one 6860322106
  7. I have seen this one on sale last yr around xmas time at Nordstrom .almost half off. Not sure whether it is available now. But I am not a fan of this bag cause it is too dressy. Plus the closure is nothing but just close the frame and there is a tab push lock.
  8. I saw this bag in black on for about $900 a few days ago. To my understanding from folks on this site, this is a legit website which doesn't sell fakes. Check it out! It may still be there. Sorry that I don't know how to post links--I'm so computer illiterate :shame:
    I bought a Sophia bag from them a few weeks ago--I thought it was going to be more of a pink and it ended up being a deeper violet--I was a little disappointed in the color but the bag itself is lovely.

    DON'T accidentally go to website copied the name and apparently sells fakes.
  9. I remember during the holidays seeing the Chevron bag, but with some sort of reptile trim, on sale at both Nordstrom and Neimans. I don't think I've ever seen the "plain" leather version on sale.