Marc Jacobs Chevron Caroline Bag

Jan 10, 2006
I saw someone at the mall a few weeks ago with one in a plum color. It's a bigger bag than it looks in the picture, but I liked how it looked IRL.
wickedassin said:
Hi All,

Has anyone seen this purse recently on sale? I'm starting to think that I might really like it.... It also comes in a shorter/smaller version in cream. If you've seen the bag, please let me know when and where! I'd like to not pay full price....


I have seen this one on sale last yr around xmas time at Nordstrom .almost half off. Not sure whether it is available now. But I am not a fan of this bag cause it is too dressy. Plus the closure is nothing but just close the frame and there is a tab push lock.
I saw this bag in black on for about $900 a few days ago. To my understanding from folks on this site, this is a legit website which doesn't sell fakes. Check it out! It may still be there. Sorry that I don't know how to post links--I'm so computer illiterate :shame:
I bought a Sophia bag from them a few weeks ago--I thought it was going to be more of a pink and it ended up being a deeper violet--I was a little disappointed in the color but the bag itself is lovely.

DON'T accidentally go to website copied the name and apparently sells fakes.