Marc Jacobs Care!

  1. Hello ladies, I recently purchased a Marc Jacobs Mia Polina Bag - the leather is absolutly beautiful but it shows normal wear & tear pretty easy, does anyone know how to keep it looking in tip-top condition? Thanks!

  2. I use apple leather care conditioner. They have a cleaner which I also use on my light bags (tan, almond, and tapioca colors). When I used the cleaner on my washed rose the color seemed to come out a little. Always try the bottom first. The Ladies at the Balenciaga forum recommend Lovin my bags. I do own a bal bag but have never used it.

    Congratulations on your Polina!!! ;)
  3. Agree. the apple care seems to be best with getting the small scratches out. good luck! i'm sure it will be back close to the original form in no time!