Marc Jacobs Calfskin Bag

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  1. After seeing this in a magazine, I finally found it online at Neiman Marcus. OHHHHH dying over it. Small, yes, but SO CUTE!


    Anyone out there have scoop on whether it ever goes on sale???
  2. Anyone know if this is the Cammie?
  3. Yes, this is the Cammie.:flowers:
  4. Thanks! Any hints on where to find them on sale? I see several sites on the internet but am not sure who to trust, as far as authenticity.
  5. I just saw Quilted Leather Cammie (chain shoulder strap) in Bordeaux/Taupe on sale at Nordstrom SCP (~40% off).

    Neiman Marcus recently discounted black & white Stella/Sophia. NM Fashion Island (Newport Beach, California) still have black Stella & Sophia on sale (~30% off). Their number is 949.759.1900, ask for Tiffany.

    Below are NM pictures of Black Sophia, White Sophia, and Gold Cammie.
  6. Thanks for the tip. Since I have the Calfskin Tote, really wanted the Cammie, since it's so much smaller than that... whereas the Sophia is kind of in the middle, size-wise... right? Saw the quilted Cammie, I think in an animal print perhaps? Does that sound right? It was at Nordstrom. What does the Bordeaux look like?
  7. CUTE!!!!! Wish it was larger. I am tired of small bags. Four kids and too much stuff to tote around. Beautiful, though.
  8. It's now on sale at Bergdorg Goodman for $557.00
    Calfskin Bag
    On the Marc: a too-cute calfskin bag with edgy hardware.

    • Choose black (shown) or antique white (see below) calfskin.
    • Golden hardware.
    • Shoulder strap with buckles.
    • Zip top.
    • Front zip pocket.
    • Front flap pockets with extended buckle tabs.
    • 5 1/2"H x 10"W x 2 1/2"D.
    • Made in Italy.
    Marc Jacobs
    Calfskin Bag

    Was: $795.00NOW $557.00BGOS6_V4085


  9. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! Omg!
  10. BagHound, my local NM is doing pre-sale on sale items (an extra 25% off), online store might do the same soon.
  11. What an adorable shoulder bag!
  12. Gosh, it is small, but gorgeous! Perhaps small bags aren't so bad.. I wouldn't get the sore shoulder I have now if I didn't have a bag large enough to fit everything into.. incl. kitchen sink. :S
  13. Thanks, bag.lover! You rock!
  14. Uh oh, don't see it online anymore! Could they be sold out!?
  15. I saw a bunch of these (cute Cammies!) at the San Francisco Nordstrom Rack last week, but I can't remember what color they were. I think they were around $350, though. You could try calling around to Racks near you and seeing if they have any in stock. Good luck!
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