Marc Jacobs & Burburry 20% off @ Nordstrom

  1. My SA from SCP Nordstrom called today and told me that MJs and Burberrys are 20% off until Sunday.
  2. I'm guessing here, but I can be wrong. =)
    A lot of us must be asking Nordy's SCP to match Bloomingdale's F&F event (now to Sunday), they just go ahead and offer it? Great, we don't have to bring up price-match issue, makes things easier for us. =)
  3. when are they having the 40% off?
    it was around this time of year last year...
  4. ohh 40% ... that is what i like to hear!
  5. i want a burberry happy scarf 40% let me know!!!!!!!!!n is it scarfs too?????
  6. do you have to mention bloomingdale's friends&family?
    or is this a nationwide Nordstrom's "sale"??
  7. will prices be 20% off @ too or just in stores?