Marc Jacobs Brigitte

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  1. I was reading Us weekly and in there were liek 5 pictures of Jessica simpson and her Marc Jacobs Brigitte Bag.... I fell in Love and normally i hate Jessica's accessoories but this bag is amazing so i thought i'd share it.. tell me what you think. The bag is availible via eluxury for $1,295.

  2. the more I see this, the more I love it. Unfortunately I'd never us it :sad:
  3. This is a pretty big bag, but it actually looks even better in person! I also love it in the dark brown, which is available at (see pic) I believe it comes in a bright purple as well. Great choice!

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  4. I'm not a fan of his bags with the holes and tassles.
  5. I prefer the dark brown
  6. Not a fan of this bag-Dont like the leather quality with the holes!
  7. There's something about perforated bags that turn me off....but, the shape of the bag is great, and from the pictures I've seen, it's lovely. Are you going to get it?
  8. I saw it at SFA today an that bag is awesome in person,and I'm not a fan of perforated bags either.
  9. The dark brown one is very pretty, but I'm still not won over on the perforated look.
  10. U'mn torn between this one and a new louis
  11. I LOVE this bag in the white. Don't care much for the brown, it just seems boring. But the white is fabulous! It has the great shape of an LV Speedy, but in an up-to-date style.
  12. ET, I totally agree with you. I like it in white a lot but in brown, it just looks cheap to me. Maybe because the contrast in color and the shadowing of the holes don't come through as in the white. This bag rocks in white.

  13. If you are still interested in this bag it's 50% off at