Marc Jacobs - Brigitte --HELP

  1. Hi - Can anyone tell me if the Brigitte (perforated bag/ with holes) has a suede or canvas lining? Are there any other tell-tale signs I need to know to spot a fake?

  2. Bridgette bags are widely faked, check Ioffer to see. Those are very difficult to authenticate IMO, because the details aren't too complicated and thus easy to fake. From what I heard, the perforated line has suede interior, not canvas.
  3. Styles from Perforated Line are not lined, the leather is very thick (similar to Mulberry). When a particular style is often faked, I would recommend buying it from reputable sellers only. Check out DGJEANS' authentic Whiskey Brigitte.
    eBay: NEW $1295 MARC JACOBS BRIGITTE Whiskey Stachel Bag AUTH (item 150028854326 end time Sep-08-06 19:53:01 PDT)
  4. The Brigitte's leather is thick enough for it to stand enough. The fakes often slouch a little
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