Marc Jacobs boy toy dumped.

  1. Thats a hot boy toy.
  2. Oh boy. I remember seeing that pic back when it was first taken and thinking how hard it would be to remove if they broke up - loved that it was such a perfect replica of his logo though. Guess this is the ultimate example of when logos go bad. :blink:
  3. Actually the dark tattoos like that are easy to remove with a laser. Its the colors that are hard.
  4. ok he baught him but still he talks like owning him "i wanted I wanted" :shocked: so basically he kicked him out cause his toy dind´t worked the way he wanted? pretty pathetic BOTH of them :rolleyes:
  5. Well....we are all entitled to want what we want out of a person.

    I have certain things that I require of a boyfriend (a steady job, a good attitude, someone with the same values as myself, etc, etc.) I expect to be treated a certain way and if someone doesn't match my "requirements" then I show them the door.

    Sounds harsh but I know what I want and I won't settle for anything less....and why should I?
  6. Party boys never settle down!
  7. Which is why I wont heatstamp my LV's, you never know when your going to get bored with something! LOL

  8. he lives 30 mins from me in charleston
  9. ^the boy toy
  10. Never really thought it would last with that age difference...
  11. awww, the poor sweetie. Some things are never meant to last.
  12. Marc is better-looking. :love:
  13. I think marc is creepy (dork) looking........hmmm I always imagined him looking like Tom Ford....hmmm...